Website redesign

So, after two months of hard work, we’ve now launched our totally redesigned website.

Built with leading edge technology HTML5 and CSS3. It has been well worth the effort we think. We hope you do too. Best of all, there is no Flash to be seen anywhere. We hate Flash, and all the graphic effects you’ll see here have been achieved with HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

We have fully integrated Twitter in to the site and also a lot of other social media sources, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin for example. All the social sources can be accessed by clicking on the social-icons located at the top right of the website.

Although we”d really like you to spend the time reading what we do, why not take a look at the MORE… menu items. We’ve listed some stuff that we find really inspiring and that you might also enjoy too. Some of it is business related, but then others are more about what makes us tick. We’ll keep adding to this list so we can share our most favourite findings.

And finally, please get in touch. We’re really friendly and we love talking about what makes us great. You never know, we might even be able to help with your next project.