The Story of a Nomad Entrepreneur Starting from Scratch

Ten Dollars and a Laptop is a behind-the-scenes-look as Greg Hartle explores the realities of rebuilding his life from scratch in an economic downturn.  It’s an epic quest to discover what it takes to succeed.

Greg says:

“Starting with $10, a laptop, and a few miscellaneous items, while not using any of my existing financial resources or relationships, I will build my life and document the entire experience online. Along the way, I will travel through all 50 states and interview 500 individuals (entrepreneurs, leaders, change agents, and others) who are adapting to the new economic world we live in today and share what I learn. But,this experiment really isn’t about me or any of the individuals I interview. This journey is for every individual going through a significant life transition trying to navigate the rough waters. I’m your Guinea pig, the individuals I interview are your educators, and together we’ll make it through”.

Follow Greg’s amazing journey on his blog by clicking here, or on Twitter here @greghartle.