Online research

Here at web2insight we use the very accomplished Askia web survey software for our online research projects. Askia is the industry leader in Market Research data collection and reporting, with a host of features that makes it extremely flexible. Whether it”s a simple survey or a very complex mixed-mode and data integrated solution, we can deliver it, with full customer branding.

We can use Askia to drill down into research results, analyse data based on a wide variety of factors, and then deliver multiple reports showing key findings. These reports can be tailored to the different people you’re sending them to, from top-line reports and dashboards for executive management, to instant PowerPoints for client presentations, to detailed statistical analysis for those who need an in-depth view of survey results. We also have a range of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow us to extend and integrate specific areas of the survey software.

With web2insight, you can deliver true multi-mode surveys via online, by telephone, via mobile or SMS, using IVR, face-to-face, or using paper questionnaires. Our multi-mode capabilities let you provide your respondents with maximum choice and accessibility, boosting engagement. Whether you want to offer a single mode of data collection, or a combination of any of the modes web2insight supports it. You can streamline data collection processes, reach more respondents, and ensure data accuracy.

We are firm believers in using systems that are Open Architecture by nature. With web2insight”s online survey services you can use the platform to import third-party data—such as data from your Web site, HR, CRM, or financial systems—then integrate it with your survey data for broader analysis and reporting. True insight from Market Research studies relies on the ability to correlate the opinions you collect to other areas of your clients’ business.

Qualitative Research

We offer a full range of Qualitative research services including telephone, face-to-face and groups with or without full post-Qual analysis and reporting. Face-to-face and focus group services are available across Europe, with specialisation in the Telecoms and Pharmaceuticals markets.

Tele-depths are conducted worldwide.

We interview in English and German for all services and translation from German qual studies to English for reporting and analysis is also available if required.

We would love to be part of your next project. Click here to contact Barbara (she”s really nice) to find out how we have helped other clients with their survey needs.