Insight Generation

Is a process focussed on producing concrete guidance for maximising investment in areas such as customer communications or product development.  In order to achieve its objectives, it needs to be focused on the behaviour, attitudes and needs of the target audience(s) relevant to the client and the product or service.

Generating genuine insight is the proclaimed aim of all market research, yet it seems much of it fails to deliver – at the end of a project, clients are often no nearer to achieving their commercial goals because they still do not know how to change the behaviours and attitudes of their target audiences effectively and where to cut their losses because what they are doing is failing to make the desired difference.

We do not have a magic wand with which to change every project into a font of knowledge, but we do have a very real commitment to judging every project in the context of existing learnings, tailoring the approach in each case to the objectives as well as the budget and to continue the dialogue with our clients throughout the knowledge gathering process. Our extensive experience enables us to choose the best approach for moving from a broad understanding to specific outcomes, to ensure your project meets your objectives.

Defining objectives, questions and outcomes/deliverables clearly is as much a part of this as the selection from a mix of methodologies to suit each audience and each subject.  So if a media-rich enabled on-line survey with adaptive stimulus display will work to get you the feedback you need for your concrete digital offering, great, but if you need to understand the daily life and work of your customers to develop solutions that can make a real difference to them, we might well opt for depth interviews, accompanied working days or groups.

Insight relies on understanding WHO a given activity or offering is aimed at and HOW this will fit into ”THEIR” world.  Armed with a sound knowledge of audience and behaviour, you can create deliverables and services that ‘hit the spot’ and make a difference.

We would love to be part of that process to make the most of it for your company.

Contact Barbara (she”s really nice) to find out how we have helped other clients gain genuine Insight.