Information is beautiful – It really is…

Though there is a caveat – and that’s how it’s presented!

Since the beginning of the human race, we’ve been using infographics – cave paintings were the first kind of infographic, representing information without the use of words. We’re not keen on traditional PowerPoint type presentations.  We’ve all seen hundreds, and to be honest, they all look very similar, don’t they?  If you want to be remembered, then maybe it’s time to think about using infographics to present information to your clients.  There is a lot of resource available on the web, and below, we’ve listed just a few of our favourites.

Our No.1 favourite has to be David McCandless. We love David”s work and he’s an inspiration.  We think you’ll find it beautiful too.

You can see David’s work on his website here David McCandless or here Information Is Beautiful.

More inspiration
We like these websites too. A visual treat and source of inspiration for you.
Daily Infographic